Translation Technique of Primary School Teacher Education Department Graduate Students’ Abstracts Final Project


  • Eka Fanti Sulistiyaningsih Universitas An Nuur
  • Zaenul Wafa Universitas An Nuur


translation , translation techniques, students’ abstract final project


This research is conducted in order to find out what type and the most dominant of
translation techniques that used in primary school teacher education department graduate
students’ abstracts final project. This research was applied descriptive qualitative method. The
subjects of this research were the final project abstract of students in primary school teacher
education department. The data of this research was collected by identifying and classifying. The
results of the research shows that, there are three types of translation technique used in their
abstract. They are literal translation, calque, and borrowing. The translation techniques are
categorized into three categories, they are Literal Translation (52 occurrences or 49,52 %),
Borrowing (39 occurrences or 37,14 %), and Calque (14 occurrences or 13,33 %). The first most
dominant type of translation technique is Literal Translation. It is for about 52 literal translation
and the percentage is 49,52%.