Code Switching in Instagram


  • Dimas Fisalbilillah Universitas An Nuur
  • Faishal Arkan Universitas An Nuur


Code-switching, Tag-Switching,, Intrasenial Code Switching, Intersential Code Switching


Code switching is currently very common, both in direct and indirect communication and
on social media. This study aims to describe the forms and factors of the use of code switching
used on Instagram. Researchers know that there are three types of code switching found on
Instagram accounts used by Instagram users, namely: tag switching, intersentential code
switching, and intrasetential code switching. Then after analyzing by type, the researcher found
the reasons for using code switching there were four points: topic change, lack of vocabulary,
bilingual/multilingual, Prestige and trend. Then the researchers used qualitative research
methods in conducting the analysis. This research is expected to be useful in the language learning
process, especially sociolinguistic studies and language use