An Analysis of Slang Words Used for Comments on Instagram


  • Zaenul Wafa Universitas An Nuur
  • Dwike Amalia Putri Universitas An Nuur


slang words,, comments,, instagram


The research entitled “An Analysis of Slang Words Used for Comments on Instagram”.
aims to find slang words on Instagram and find out the meaning of these words. The researcher
used descriptive qualitative method. Of the 25 slang words studied in this study, the researcher
found slang forms which included 11 words in abbreviation, 1 word in shortened form and 13
words in interjection. Based on the results of the research, it shows that slang was thought of as
vulgar and street language because it is only used by criminals and the lowest class of society.
However, now slang is used by teenagers and certain social classes.